Yitik Alfabe



Mert Güney, Serkan Uve Uzun

Where & When

Istanbul, 2013-2015

Yitik Alfabe is an independent and collective magazine which publishes freely written stories, poems, texts within a monthly concept. Founded by Mert Güney and Serkan Uve Uzun in 2012, Istanbul. When I see the first issue, we meet each other with creators and started to renew the visual concept of the magazine. We've released 6 issues and I designed them from 2nd to 6th. I learned from design researches and myself in this process. After three issues, I went to Lisbon for Erasmus and redesigned everything again as a communication design project with cooperation of my professor. After some time, we stopped Because of education and financial issues. In this page you are going to review last 2 issues, Philip K. Dick and Henry Miller orientated ones. I was designing every type of visual element for the magazine. Created a logo and a typicon too. I designed it in 175mm x 255mm, I think it's an ideal size for daily reading. Smaller than A4. Also we used ivory paper for smooth reading.