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Personal Project

In this page you'll find about my video artworks that I did in years between 2016-2018. I express my memories, my feelings, my psychedelia and scenarios in these compositions that I imagine. You can understand my way of looking to life in these artworks. I try to capture the feeling with music. I've started to compose my own songs nowadays and I will use them in next video art projects. You can watch videos on my Instagram and Vimeo pages if you want to like and follow.

1) Call of Nothing: While I was in Pompeii in 2010, I took the photo of these Roman columns. In 2017, while I was in Ancient City of Teos, I thought this scene in the middle of amphitheatre at night. I collaged trees near to my balcony. Done in 2018.

2) The Letter O: This one is for 36 Days of Type exhibition in Instagram. It was the day of "O" and I designed this composition.

3) Call of Desert: While I was in Cappadocia, Turkey, I imagined this scene. Kiko from Dead Can Dance was playing and I was in the middle of desert like textures. Confronting moment with the endless loop.

1) Thinking in Knidos: While I was walking in the ruins of Knidos (an ancient hellenistic Greek city in Datça, Turkey), I listened to "Opening Day" by Anouar Brahem in the middle of amphitheatre of Knidos. I thought about Greek philosophers and how they have affected the thinking of humanity. My favorite philosopher is Socrated, so I decided to make him sit in the middle of the amphitheatre with a floating glass of cube which represents logic. Done in 2018. Think, think, think... It will never end till the end of all beings.

2) Living with Secunda: While I was listening "Secunda" by Jeremy Soule, I noticed myself that I always watch the moon. So I decided to make an artwork of this moment. Alone in dark, calm, thinking and watching in peace. Done in 2016.

3) Shiny Meeting in Forest: When we were in the forest of Yildiz in Istanbul with one of my friends, we were listening "Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts VI–IX" by Pink Floyd and talking about our future. The diamond represents ideas and I made myself in flames like the album cover of "Wish You Were Here". There is also a broken clock on the floor which represents we don't have that much time to do all of things that we talk. Done in 2017.

1) Drops on Belgrad Meadows: While we were on a picnic with my girlfriend in Belgrad Forest, I saw this scene. We were listening "Grandchester Meadows" by Pink Floyd, and I decided to mix this scene with water drops that synchronizes with Wright's keyboard. Done in 2017.

2) Journey with the Mother: While I was listening the first guitar solo in "Atom Heart Mother" by Pink Floyd, I imagined this scene. This is the expression of what I feel while I am listening it. Free, fresh, calm, full of hope, path to the light. Done in 2017.

3) Trying to Understand the Om: While we were camping in the forest of Burgazada, Istanbul with friends, I recorded a video of trees in an experimental technique, spinning, spinning. Then I decided to mix these spins with kaleidoscope effects and a praying Tibetian monk. I wanted to show the "flow" of the universe, the om. I used "Oxygene Part 14" by Jean-Michel Jarre to express this flow with an electronic style. Done in 2017.

1) Lost in Thoughts: While I was listening "Like Spinning Plates" by Radiohead, I imagined this scene. I put myself in the middle of composition, and wanted to express the speed of time and how abstract my thoughts are. Also, I am a big fan of "Proun" series of El Lissitzky (a Russian avant-garde artist from the early years 20th century), and I wanted to show my thoughts by animating one of his compositions. Done in 2017.

2) A Dialogue with Cosmos: While we were camping on Burgazada with my friends, I saw one of them was like talking to the God or something. We were listening "Atom Heart Mother" by Pink Floyd and I decided to make this moment immortal. Done in 2017.

3) An Abstract Walk: While I was listening the "Aphex Twin, Field Day, London 2017" concert, I imagined this scene. It means nothing, I just wanted to show what I imagined. Done in 2017.

1) Becoming One With The Moon: While I was watching the moon in my balcony, I thought this composition. "Front Row Gallows View" by Kristoffer Lo, affected me so much, and I wanted to express the levitation of soul with it. Done in 2018.

2) Meditation on Beach: While we were on a picnic with friends on the north beach of Kilyos, Istanbul, we were listening "Fat Old Sun" by Pink Floyd and meditating. I wanted to express this moment of being "one" with clouds. Done in 2017.

3) Journey of Serenity: While I was listening "Coloring Book" by Blockhead, I imagined a couple peacefully travelling in the universe. Done in 2017.

1) Your Mind Makes It Real: While I was listening "What Your Soul Sings" by Massive Attack, I imagined a soul travelling around universe, and I decided to make it. Done in 2016.

2) Internal Combustion: One of my friends came up with an idea of composition with "Careful with That Axe Eugene" by Pink Floyd. It is a very harsh song and I tried to express the feeling of mental pain. Done in 2017.