Musical Compositions



Personal Project

Please wait a few seconds for songs to be loaded. In this page you can listen some samples from my musical imagination. I've started to compose music for 2 years. I am a Pink Floyd, Bill Evans, Miles Davis and Jean-Michel Jarre fan. I listen psychedelic, hard-bop, traditional jazz, electronic and folk music mostly, and I inspire from these genres. I use musical modes rather than chord progressions as a harmonic framework in my compositions. These tracks have not finished yet, they need to be mixed again with some production. You can presume them as musical sketches. To know me better, to feel what I feel, you can experience my way of hearing this world by listening them. I want to use my music on my videos to achieve the completeness in my art. I am planning to upload them to my SoundCloud after I complete mastering process. For now, you can listen "House Set 01" only on SoundCloud. Also, I create conceptual playlists for camping days with friends, if you want to listen, I upload them on my Spotify.