Feuer im Weizen



Thomas Bayrle, Dirimart

Where & When

İstanbul, 2015

Thomas Bayrle, a pioneer in German Pop Art. He is best known for his ‘super-forms’, large images composed of iterations of smaller cell-like images.We collaborated with Neşe Nogay for this project. We were responsible of designing the catalogue for his exhibition "Feuer im Weizen" that contains his works on his 'super-form' series. His screen print series has 5 variant color schemes therefore the catalogue containing 5 editions of his series were designed with variant covers in open binding, pop typography and a soft touch coating. For cover typeface, I inspired from his repetitions. The design is awarded at Won 35th GMK, Professional Organization of Turkish Graphic Designers Competition, category of Best Book Design. Published by Dirimart.